"Alexandra's own career story is both inspiring and empowering. She has built a solid reputation in the public relations field, and she has progressed to design a career as a successful consultant, speaker and author. She has had experiences with companies both large and small, a firm grasp of what it takes to create positive employer-employee relationships. Most importantly, Alexandra understands the student and young alumni audience. Her advice resonates with them, and she quickly earns personal and professional credibility through the stories she tells." 
– Aspasia Apostolakis, Northwestern Alumni Association

"Many of our attendees told me that Alexandra's session on Millennials made our Marketing Conference a homerun! Everyone today is thirsting for insight into how to think like and reach out to this emerging market - and Alexandra delivers real-life examples and clarity." 
– Jay Kassing, Marquis Software

"I have a passion for generational issues and study the field extensively and I have to say that Alexandra's presentation was one of the best if not the best that I have seen. My managers have a hard time translating what I say on this issue and her roadmap is going to help me quite a bit on how I communicate these concepts."
– John Inman, T-Mobile

"Alexandra was a guest for our "First Tuesday Speaker" series. Many students told me that Alexandra was the best speaker for the series in their time at Albion. Since then, she has continued to serve as a resource to some of our students via e-mail, something above and beyond the call of duty." 
– Mike Frandsen, Ph.D., Carl A. Gerstacker Liberal Arts Institute for Professional Management

"Although we hire top-notch university students, we are always surprised by the amount of education and coaching that these college students need to be transformed in to top-notch professionals. I was in the back of the room along with several other seasoned Bank professionals when Alexandra presented to our interns. We were all shaking our heads in agreement as she engaged the interns in discussions about assertive communication, active listening, attitude, networking, and corporate persona."
– Peggy Hecht, Federal Reserve Bank

"Thank you so much for taking the time to speak at the HRMAC Young HR Leaders Meeting. Your presentation was interesting, engaging, and insightful. I look forward to bringing some of the content shared to my company and specifically to the groups I support. I truly believe that I am a better professional from having met you."
– Kristen Milos, Human Resource Management Association of Chicago

"Alexandra presented to our volunteer leaders at a workshop on balancing work, life and philanthropic commitments. She did an amazing job engaging a wide range of interests and backgrounds and we received very positive feedback from attendees. Highly recommended."
– Kristine Kappel, Chicago Cares

"Alexandra, I would like to thank you again for offering your insight and sharing your knowledge. It has already taken effect and has helped me ever since!"
– Jon Mahabir, CDN Management Services

"Alexandra, thank you for coming out and speaking to us at Lincoln Financial Group last week. Your book has literally been my bible since I have started working. I have struggled adjusting to the corporate world from college; it was a big culture shock-no more sweatpants! As you stated while speaking to us that many of the items that you cover appear to be common knowledge, things do look differently in the corporate world."
– Katie Prilutski, Lincoln Financial Group

"Alexandra's training session was definitely a very informative and interactive one, and as such, I left with a greater understanding of how to improve my 'corporate persona'. I am of the opinion that I learnt lifelong lessons yesterday, which will definitely assist in guiding me today, tomorrow and for years to come."
– Julien Skeete, University of West Indies

"Alexandra, your brief speech was so inspiring for me. As a current student, it really fired me up to learn more about my interests and really seek out what I want in life. I appreciated your genuine tone and honesty."
– Courtney Brown, Northwestern University

"Alexandra, thank you so much for speaking at Loyola. I've gotten numerous compliments about your presentation and the entire event. You are a huge inspiration to me and have taught me so much."
– Angela Grimes, Loyola University

"Alexandra came and spoke at my school in order to prepare us students for the real world. It was very informative and she left us her contact information in case we had any questions. A few weeks later, I e-mailed her. Thanks to her advice, I was able to get in touch with someone who could give me all the information that I needed. Alexandra has just been extremely helpful."
– A.J. Cronk, Rocky Mountain College

"Alexandra spoke to 250 students at Illinois State University, and her unique talent for engaging students in thinking about life after college shines through in her bright, charismatic demeanor. She is knowledgeable and believable and really knows how to help."
– Amber Neisendorf, Illinois State University

"Alexandra, thank you for coming to Campbell. You really helped paint a clear picture of what it's like to be a millennial in today's work force. I feel like you really set the tone for us to be honest and relaxed once we started answering questions. It was such a good opportunity for me, and I feel very happy with how everything turned out. I got to meet so many of Campbell's top leaders throughout the day. I could have had great success on a hundred projects and still not gotten the type of exposure that I did on Friday."
– David Marks, Campbell Soup

Anonymous Attendee Comments

"Alexandra, in being a polished, successful young person, bridges the gap between the current generation of 20-somethings and us, their managers. She told us exactly how we can develop relationships with younger employees that will carry our business into the future."

"Alexandra was terrific. Her presentation alone was well worth the cost to attend the whole conference."

"So many times, we have speakers come in who are up on this pedestal talking about their success, and we feel like we don't have a prayer of ever getting to that level. Even though she's obviously very accomplished for her age, Alexandra shared her missteps and setbacks and we could really relate to her as a result."

"Alexandra was excellent, excellent, excellent! Well worth sitting in on. Very engaging and very practical."

"Usually half-day seminars are boring, but between the role plays, the quizzes, and the interactive discussion, this one flew by!"

"Alexandra is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions right on and with honesty."

"Alexandra definitely knows her business and has a great delivery! She really has a handle on the current trends of this generation."

"I never realized how much control I have over my own success until I took Alexandra's course. I feel like I really came out with an action plan for my job and my career."

"I really appreciated the fact that Alexandra took the time to customize her remarks to the needs of her audience. Every business is different and she went out of her way to understand what our customers are looking for."

"Alexandra Levit was right on the money!"

"Thanks to this session, I'll now look smart instead of clueless when it comes to dealing with Millennials. Thanks, Alexandra!"

"It was great how Alexandra gave out her business cards and told us we could contact her afterward if we had questions we didn't want to ask in front of the group. It's impressive to see someone that committed to every single audience."

"Alexandra's presentation was crisp and intriguing. The deep dive on Millennials was very insightful. Millennials require a different set of management techniques and now it is confirmed that they are absolutely exhausting to manage."

"Alexandra Levit had a very refreshing style - a good mix of content, tone, and examples!"