“Alexandra intuitively understands what it’s like to be a young, female professional. Her advice resonates with them, and she quickly earns personal and professional credibility through the stories she tells.”
– Aspasia Apostolakis, Northwestern University

“Alexandra, in being a polished, successful young person, bridges the gap between the current generation of twenty-somethings and us, their managers. She told us exactly how we can develop relationships with younger employees that will carry our business into the future.”
Attendee, Bay Path Women’s Leadership Conference

“Alexandra was an invaluable asset to our program. Not only did she help me master the goal-setting setting process, she also gave me insightful suggestions regarding how to best navigate the corporate world.”
– Bilen Wecheffo Mammo, Microsoft

Watch Alexandra speaking to a women’s association in Chicago, IL:

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Communicating Across the Generations
This session for employees of all ages will share some of the communication frustrations between the four generations currently in the workforce and provide attendees with concrete strategies to build a better sense of community in the organization.

Combating the 10 Myths of Business Success
This session will offer guidance for surviving and thriving in a post-recessionary business climate that eschews controversy, office politics, and quicky promotions and is returning to an emphasis on traditional workplace values like trust and direct communication.

Women and 21st Century Leadership
This session will educate attendees on the essential leadership capabilities women must develop if they are to be successful in a rapidly changing workforce, including innovation, flexibility, diplomacy, and people management.

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