Corporate Programs

Watch Alexandra speaking to 500 HR executives at a recent national conference:

Humanity Works: The Future to 2030

This session for all types of employees will address how the global workplace, organizations, and employees will change in the next 10 years. By exploring the implications of these developments, individuals will be in an excellent position to be both productive and competitive in the workforce of tomorrow.

Future-Proofing Your Organization for 2030

This session for leaders will explore the demographic shifts, technology advances, and evolving workforce structures shaping how work will shift in the next 10 years. We will use case studies and exercises to illustrate the power of rapid talent assembly, career customization, decomposition of jobs, reskilling and upskilling, and human/machine hybrid teaming. 

Technologies Shaping Today's Business World

This session for existing and rising leaders will cover the rapid expansion of smart technology into today's organizations. Using an interactive format, we'll provide concrete guidance on understanding and adopting more sophisticated forms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, affective computing, and productivity wearables.

 Grooming Young Professionals for Success

This session for Baby Boomer, Gen X, and older Millennial managers will provide an overview of the attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and communication styles of today’s twenty-somethings and will explore tactics for recruiting, managing, retaining, and developing them into our organizations' rising leaders.

Communicating Across the Generations

This session for employees of all ages will share some of the communication frustrations between the five generations currently in the workforce (including the newly arrived Generation Z) and provide attendees with concrete strategies to build a better sense of community in the organization.

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College

This session for twenty-somethings will advise on developing an effective professional persona, including how to make a positive first impression on business contacts and how to practice strong communication and diplomacy with colleagues.

Overcoming Gender Differences to Create a Winning Team

This highly engaging session will educate attendees on documented gender differences, By recommending specific communication strategies to reconcile men and women's sometimes conflicting perspectives, we empower both genders and women advance.

10 Golden Rules of Time Management

This interactive session for employees of all ages will advise on how to make the most of limited time in a climate in which disruptions and interruptions are the norm and all organizations are forced to do more with less. Strategies include prioritization, task grouping, productivity hacks, and the use of smart technology. 

Combating the 10 Myths of Business Success

This session will offer guidance for surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic, caring-centered business climate that eschews controversy, office politics, and quicky promotions and is returning to an emphasis on traditional workplace values like trust and direct communication.

Why Passion is Overrated

Within the context of 70% of professionals aiming to start their own businesses, this session will focus on why "doing what you love" isn't all its cracked up to be. By the time we finish extoling the virtues of established companies and strategizing about how to create meaningful work in one's current job, your employees will be begging you to stay instead of looking for greener pastures.

Motivating Yourself to an Extraordinary Career

At a time when job dissatisfaction is at an all-time low, this session explores how individual employees can build their intrinsic motivation to succeed at work and their career durability. Shared strategies include coping effectively with re-organization and pursuing intrapreneurship.

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